What’s that in the Attic? Oh, It’s Just Me

Flashlight in an attic

When conducting a home inspection here on Prince Edward Island, I feel an examination of the attic is an essential part of the story of a house. The attic space reveals facts that are not always evident in the rest of the house. It is the other half of a roof inspection,

At Dunn Right Inspections, we always enter the attic, unless there are reasons not to, such as the attic space is too small to crawl around, or the temperature in the attic space is excessively hot.

Attic inspection

Even in very nice houses, that have been updated with all the trimmings, the attic can tell a different story. I have seen beautiful homes where the attic had rodent droppings. I have seen houses that were newly remodeled, yet the ductwork in the attic was disconnected venting hot air into the cold attic. Most recently, I found a vaulted ceiling where the insulation had fallen down leaving a giant cold spot on the wall. Finally, the ever popular DIY bathroom fan vented into the attic. None of these things could be discovered if I did not enter and inspect the attic.

Missing Insulation

When hiring a home inspector, make sure you hire a qualified professional who will take the time to get the whole story about your house.