Pre-Listing Home Inspection


Pre-Listing Home Inspection Benefits

Having your home inspected prior to permitting purchasers to view the property has some distinct advantages:

A key benefit is that you will be prepared for the sale – if any problems are discovered that need to be addressed, you can have the repairs or improvements done on your own terms, on your own schedule, saving you money.

Experience has shown that most homes that receive a pre-sale inspection spend less time on the market and sell at prices closer to the listing price.

Our inspection report can provide prospective buyers with a better understanding of the home and may minimize price negotiations during the sales process. You will also have an advantage over other properties the buyer is considering that may not have an inspection report available.

Our inspection will arm you with knowledge, information, and an expert inspector available to you for telephone or email consultation. In cases where the purchaser uses an inspector and attempts to exaggerate issues/repair costs to their benefit, our inspector will keep you in the driver’s seat.

Surprise problems uncovered by the buyer’s inspector may cause delays in closing, and you may end up paying for repairs at the last minute, or accept a lower price on your home – be prepared and ready, rather than unprepared and reactionary…

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